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Yardley Baptist Church


Contemplative Worship – 9am  first sunday of the month

This service is to create space for a contemplative xpression of worship that consist of  liturgy, prayer, stillness, reflection and communion.

Sunday Morning Service – 11am

This is our main get together for the whole church family. The service consists of music and singing in a contemporary style,  prayer, reading of the Bible and a sermon,which is a thought- provoking talk based on the bible and the way that it applies to modern life. After the service we spend time together over a cuppa to catch up and share life.

 Children of all ages have their own groups which begin after the first part of the service – we call these groups CLIMA’s which stands for Christ Lives In Me Always.

We share Communion together on the 3rd Sunday  of the month. Communion is when believers share together in eating bread and drinking wine as a symbol of remembering the death, resurrection and return of Jesus.

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Sunday Evening Soaking Prayer

2nd Sunday of each month, 7pm,

These service consist of a reflexive and meditative music and give space just to be and meet God personally.

Creative worship

This runs very couple of months and is a half day exploring encouter with God through creative art.

(please see calender for next session)