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This page aims to provide information and links to helpful resources.

Got Questions  is a bible questions search engine. You can ask it a question and it will point you to loads of articles and information.

 Apologetics (Answering the big questions)

Be Thinking is a great website pack with videos and articles asking and answering the big question about the christian faith.

Lee Strobel is an author and apologist, his website has many videos to help you think and understand some of the big questions of Christianity.


 Why trust the Bible? (Amy Orr-Ewing) 


Lee Strobel – The Case for the Resurrection


CS Lewis and Suffering – Amy Orr-Ewing



Spirituality and Devotional life 

Emotionally Healthy Church is a website pack with information on living an emotionally balenced spiritually.


Lyfe is small group study material  that seek to deepen faith by exploring different spiritual styles.


Evangelism (Sharing & Exploring  Jesus)

 J.John sharing why he is a Christian

The uncover gospel project is a website that takes you through the Gospel of Luke with videos and information on how to understand it and the evidence that it is base on.

Christianity Explored is a course that looks at what Christians believe base on a journey through the gospel of Mark

Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith, in a friendly, open and informal environment.


The 4 point gospel is a refreshingly simple way of sharing the gospel using 4 symbols


Life is 6 words is a resource from Dare2Share ministries another simple way of explaing the gospel